Waste Management Services

Residential Bulk Waste Collection Schedule

These are the weeks WM will collect bulky waste in Spencer for the 2023 year.

  • 1/30/23-2/3/23
  • 5/29/23-6/2/23
  • 7/31/23-8/4/23
  • 10/30/23-11/3/23

Sanitation Pickup Policy

  • The poly cart must be at the curb before 6:00 am on the morning of the collection day.
  • Carts will be issued by Waste Management through City Hall. Crews will not collect trash left at the curb in non-waste management carts.
  • Waste Management does not pick up extra bags outside of the poly cart.
  • Place carts at least five feet apart, and at least five feet from cars, mailboxes, trees, and other obstructions if possible. Make sure that the cart is within four feet of the curb.
  • Lids should always be closed and facing the street with the handles facing toward the house.
  • No tires, batteries, paint, petroleum oil, chemical products, or furniture items will be picked up.
  • If poly carts require maintenance or replacement, please call City Hall at 405-771-3226 (option 3).
  • If the trash is not picked up on the date of service, please report the missed pickup to City Hall the next business day.